Blessings Around You

We seldom realize what a huge blessing the people around us are as we trudge on, through this journey called life. We tend to take those special beings for granted, and rarely appreciate them for helping our  beings flourish. This book is dedicated to realizing the power our loved ones hold within our lives that makes even the most challenging times a tad bit easier and bearable. Follow Brian Guthrie’s journey through the rollercoaster of his emotions, the best of memories and people who proved to be true blessings

I am ever so thankful to God for blessing me with the best, even without me having to ask for it.

-Brian T. Guthrie

About the Author

Born in East St. Louis in the late 1960s, Brian is an African- American who struggled profoundly in his youth. Brian was introduced to sports and instantly fell in love with football, basketball, baseball, track, and field wrestling in his early years. He also developed a musical talent, playing the saxophone and joining the Black Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, participating in the percussion section specializing and playing in the snare drum line from 1980 to 1983.

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Yogi Gut3! By Brian T. Guthrie

By Brian T. Guthrie

About the Book

The book “Yogi Gut3!” is a detailed narration of Brian’s life events, described with care and love, aimed at spreading positivity amongst the readers. His words are filled with emotions and his adventures and mishaps will entrap you in a whirlwind of feelings. Yogi Gut3! is much more than just family drama. It is a revelation: we delve into the author’s scarred yet blissful life, go on a journey of unfortunate events and feel the love of close ones. Relatable to any person, Brian teaches perseverance and love, telling his readers how even the most hideous and unfortunate circumstances can be overcome with a smile on your face and faith in your heart.

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Trust the Journey, Have Faith in Yourself

Learn to love yourself because in the end, you will be accountable for yourself, and I believe it is either God or only you who understands what you’re going through. So, hold on to that rope of faith and trust in yourself. You’ll make it towards the end.