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As limited beings, we spend most of our lives functioning in the states of lower consciousness. We are particularly concerned for our own well-being and survival. Our definition of success is narrowly defined by lavish means such as money or financial gain. Through this inner state, we are quick to blame others for our misfortune and strike back as part of our instinctive response. We function on our egos and thrive on our own judgment of the world. We do not realize how our selfishness limits our potential and acts as a hindrance to our self-growth.

Selfish acts can only provide you with short-term happiness and never last in the long run. The instant gratification you may receive after doing something solely for yourself, despite the problems your actions may cause to others around you, will only temporarily affect you. The adrenaline rush is fleeting and may lead you to chase after the next big thing to keep it going. In moments like that, it is important to sit back and contemplate the life you want to create for yourself and others.

A single act of kindness can potentially weaken your sense of separation from the world around you, uniting you with others in a more profound way. Selflessness increases your connection with your surroundings and lessens your sense of loneliness. Not only does this inner feeling create a positive atmosphere for people, it also provides you with instant happiness and love. Selflessness can cure sadness, providing you with durable, long-term happiness instead of momentary gratification.

Selfish happiness fades instantly and over a prolonged period, creating more selfish and problematic behavior in the world. It enables people with toxic behaviors to persist longer. This only helps create a chain of selfish behavior, imparting the lesson that in order to be successful, one must be selfish and ruthless. This conditioning is not only dangerous when left unchecked but can also prove to be detrimental to the well-being of selfless individuals who are taught that their naivety or kindness causes their failure. If the world is filled with only successful, selfish, and ruthless people, there would be no empathy, compassion, or kindness left. If we all take an eye for an eye, we can destroy the world, which is why positivity, lightheartedness, and selflessness are the sole anchors of society and humanity.

Gratitude and selflessness are two fundamental ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life, decreasing our loneliness, depression, and anxiety. This practice of kindness and selflessness can result in long-term positivity and happiness. It rewires your brain for optimism, altering your perspective and strengthening your self-love. Gradually, you can find yourself moving from functioning in the states of lower consciousness to accessing the higher mind, which opens the portal of compassion and empathy. This state is called higher consciousness. Not only does it enable you to empathize with the needs of others, but it also helps give you a holistic view of the world.

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